3D animations are coming… Mom’s Animation

Has been a while since I havent animated new minecraft big projects. From the last video I told you about that I’m moving to LowPoly, so…

I announce  May 9th at 3PM UTC-6:00 I’ll upload a Mother’s Day Special Animation, prepare your whatsapps to share it to everyone.

Here’s 😀

Next will be for dads :)!

Changing name to Seb8tian’s

Yeh, Turtles G4M3 was an awesome experiencie, but really i dont care…

Now the page would host my projects (animations, games, designs, etc), here’ll a direct help for my Youtube channel. The domain will be the same.

Anyways, I plan to close my YT if we dont get enough audience… Its sad, I know

I’ll invert my time for musical kid mocaped videos 😛

Fine, so bye :D!

Where’s holiday episode?

I dunno.

My laptop crashed the .fla that I was programming. I fixed with WinRAR, but the mayority of symbols have gone.

I decided better to animate a 2nd part of a past christmas special. My pc was rendering slow and I havent too much time, I give the archive to RavbugAnimations for render it and improve it on post production.

Here’s the result:

Release 1.0.1

Hello everybody!

Today I fixed all the bugs I find on game and add some stuff for new episodes for this awesome line of games… 1.0.1!


Added features:

  • Fullscreen mode
  • Episode Button redirects to our page (Coming soon)

Fixed bugs:

  • #22 Multiplayer jumps frame on Bus, starting Mission #1
  • #23 When dialogues after eartquake, the turtles skip frames
  • #24 Just Escape “You Win!” doesn’t work
  • #25 Hardcore Math Test Minigame, clicking moves to storymode
  • #26 Some buttons redirects to another game versions, specially on games
  • #27 Turtles stupid movements changing room, layers accomodation
  • #0 Testing stuff…

Thanks for all your feedback on Newgrounds.com , right now I’m brainstorming for the future of this game saga… Probably each 2 months you’ll presence a new episode until november of next year 😛

Download the .fla here 😉

Have a nice day, probably new animation about Turtles G4M3 on my channel 🙂

Holiday Episode – Coming Soon on Thanksgiving


If you’re glad, I’m working on Turtes G4M3 Holiday Episode :D!

I took this decision because I love to work on this game, planned before TG2… School and animation takes me a lot of time, if I rewrite all the code would be heavy for me.

Sorry for No Images, I want to publish 1.0.1 for fix some bugs inside, specially on multiplayer.

Yeah, It would have stuff related with Christmas and Thanksgiving, with awesome different missions.

Have happy Halloween or Dia de Muertos :)!


I’m shutting down the production

Hey everyone!

Probably you’re glad of the inactivity of the page. As I finished version 1.0.0, Ill not working more to improve the game.

I don’t know if in the future I can make Turtles G4M3 2, because Im focusing 100% on 3D Animation, something that I love since 3 years ago. I invite you to subscribe to my YT channel, i’m uploading cool animations each 2 weeks 😉 …

This game was very funny to me for design it, really I’m not a coder at all. Following tutorials, copy-paste and stuff, I learned to make a wonderful game of bipedal turtles, that I designed this turtles since I was kid.

Some guys are recording gameplays of the game, so comment below giving the url of your video. Then you’ll appear on the next post ;).

Is the last Bye! on this web page 😀