Turtles G4M3 is a plataformer game in development versions (Alpha).


Is a turtle that has a mission for save St. Capitalist of three villians that wants to power all there. As spy you need to watch around and save the day!


When I was 8 years old, I loved to play Club Penguin, so I decided to create a WordPress.com blog about the tricks and news of the game, with an ex-friend. After that, I thinked about if I can do a similar game.

I had a turtle pet named “Torti” when I was 6. So I decided to design with pencil and paper a virtual world named: Island Turtle. This game would be a big island with a lot of bipedal turtles.

When I grow, I get lost that ideas and dreams and I prefered to play Minecraft, uploading gameplays to Youtube. But finally I got capturated to 3D and Minecraft Animation.

Now with 14 years I replantate the ideas of my old suposed virtual world to this simple game: Turtles G4M3.

Made by Seb8tian for ALL THE PEOPLE in Adobe Flash Professional CS6.

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