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Animator, Game maker and designer. Creating stuff of Minecraft, LowPoly and Turtles.

Release 1.0.0

The big moment is here!

Today, with 5 months of a lot of work, with the help of KevinRafaleo! for produce the soundtrack. We’re announcing the 1.0.0 Release :D!!!

Added features:

  • Original Soundtrack made by KevinRafaelo! , and Intro by Kevin Macleod.
  • New menu title
  • New credits for music
  • Aliens and stickman (easter eggs)!

Bugs fixed:

  • #19 Exit to Story Mode when you finish a hardcore minigame
  • #20 Back to title button doesnt work in Story mode
  • #21 Gramatical horrors!
  • #0 Testing stuff…

Thanks for all your support, this months of production were so helpful to me to basic programming :)! Probably I would release 1.0.1 for bugs and donation button…

Dowload the .fla here ;)…

Have a nice day 😀 !

New minecraft animation!

I invite you to watch it ;), I improved a lot on this short xD

Probably in this month I would update the game to the ultimate release :P, the game is finally made and probably Ill put here other projects, or let it alone…

I loved a lot to work on this game :D!!!

Thanks ^^!

Turtle Rig

This week I was improving in rigging and I made a simple Turtle Low-Poly Rig for Maya 😀

This rig I made it for you :D, it works for Maya 2016 and newer. There is a .ma version for older Maya software.
You can use it for non and commercial purposes, but you need to credit me ;)…
Just copy and paste in animation credits or description:
~ Turtle rig by Seb8tian ~
NOTE: If you dont credit me in any part of your animation, you’ll get a copyright claim for monetize your video and I’d get money from you >:D!

✓ IK Stretch Arms and Legs
✓ Upper controller in extremities
✓ Hip and body controller
✓ Shoulder controller
✓ Head controller w/ Squash and Stretch
✓ Facial expressions
✓ Fully-scalable rig

Report bugs in comment box ;)…
You can edit & modify, animate it and bye :D!


+20 subs & +1000 views in only one day :D

Hi guys!

I make a comission for iTowngameplay, a spanish popular youtuber (im a fan xD). So I animated to him an animation:

It was a succesful hit 😀

There are easter eggs that I added in the background animation 😉



So the animation occurs before “Jungle Temple” animation, they were preparing for go to the jungle in the Intro xD…

I hope you like the content Im uploading, so BYE!

PreRelease v0.7.0

Hi guys :P!

Now we’re in the final releases, with all your feedback in 0.6.0, I’ve fixed the mayor bugs in the game :D.

Presenting today the PreRelease v0.7.0 🙂

Added features:

  • Minigames: Hardcore Mode 🏄
  • New easter eggs 🎊

Bugs fixed:

  • #19 Jumping outside the bus 🚌
  • #20 When goes to next, the turtle skip frames 🐢
  • #21 Reconstruction of bad designed MovieClips 🔧
  • #0 Testin’ stuff…

Now we’ve a new member of the game production: KevinRafaeloh. He’s going to compose the music of the game. Probably in 0.8.0 the game would add the background music.

Download the .fla here 😉 …

Whenever, play and be happy :D!

Beta v0.6.0

Hello everyone!

Now here is a version before the stable ultimate version, BETA 0.6.0!

Added features:

  • Multiplayer in Story Mode 🚶
  • Added Hostinger Advertisement 🎴
  • Minigames in Multiplayer (only SM) 🎮

Bugs fixed:

  • #17 Stability of the game 🔨
  • #18 Duplicated keyframe tags 🔧
  • #0 Testin’ stuff

Download the .fla here 😉

I need testers for release this version to 0.6.1 for fixing bugs, because the 0.6.1 will be the last official update Im going to make. Please report the most bugs before June/25 😀 !

So bye :)!

Beta v0.5.0

Hi everyone :D!

Now we’re releasing the Beta v0.5.0, a best pulished version of 0.4.0 ;)…

Added features:

  • All the city for exploration now in the final 🏢
  • Added Minigames 🎮
  • Preparation for the local multiplayer 😉
  • New: Tree 🌱

Bugs fixed:

  • #15 Keyframe tags optimization 🔩
  • #16 Button to my YT Channel 💻
  • #0 Testing stuff…

Now Im trying to update more frequently the game, because im going to travel and I need this project finshed :P.

Download the .fla ;)…

Report a bug via the comments, or a suggestion.

So bye :D!

PreBeta v0.4.0

The final mission is here!

Now we’re releasing the next mayor update for the game, Pre-BetaRelease v 0.4.0 :D…

Added feautures:

  • Added earthquake 😩
  • Renderization from 24fps to 30fps 🔧
  • Modified night scene 🌃
  • A new power nuclear plant 🏭
  • New minigame: Just Escape 🎮
  • Easter egg in PC Store 🎈

Fixed bugs:

  • #13 Slow jump in turtle 🔨
  • #14 More stable optimization 🔩
  • #0 Testing stuff…

Download the .fla here 😉 …

If you want report a bug or leave a suggestion, check down for comment :).

Bye 😀

Ping pong!

Hi everyone!

I just was experimenting around and now I made a simple flash game (i just designed a default game), I would probably add it to the game. Here is the experiment 🙂 :

Thanks for your help! Probably this week I’ll release the 0.4.0, we’re very near to the final version 😀

Bye 🙂 !