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Turtle Rig

This week I was improving in rigging and I made a simple Turtle Low-Poly Rig for Maya 😀

This rig I made it for you :D, it works for Maya 2016 and newer. There is a .ma version for older Maya software.
You can use it for non and commercial purposes, but you need to credit me ;)…
Just copy and paste in animation credits or description:
~ Turtle rig by Seb8tian ~
NOTE: If you dont credit me in any part of your animation, you’ll get a copyright claim for monetize your video and I’d get money from you >:D!

✓ IK Stretch Arms and Legs
✓ Upper controller in extremities
✓ Hip and body controller
✓ Shoulder controller
✓ Head controller w/ Squash and Stretch
✓ Facial expressions
✓ Fully-scalable rig

Report bugs in comment box ;)…
You can edit & modify, animate it and bye :D!


I’m alive :D!

Now I’m working for the game version 0.4.0, it will have ALOT of changes, and more animations!

I’ll release it to second week of June, so stay updated ;).

im alive

So bye :D!

Follow me now on Twitch :D!

Hi :D!

Now I’m going to start livestreaming on twitch about the progress of the game :), this is for the people that wants to watch how-to make a simple videogame in Flash.

Twitch 😛

Here is some screenshots that you’ll like it :)!

ya ye yi

So go to watch it ;)!



Making a bit of history

The inspirarion for this game was 4 years ago…

When i was kid i played Club Penguin, but I always wanted to make a mmorpg like it.

Then i started to draw a lot of sketches for plan the design and story of the virtual world, i didnt reach my dream 😐.

So I watched a video and download Flash Pro for make a plataformer game, it is the result 😀 :

Now im making this wonderful game, i hope that you like this development, waiting to the 1.0.1 final version 😉!

Hello everyone, again .-. !


You imagine that this is a NEW website, but i had a older one (please backup whaen your editing the public_html xD).

Welcome to Turtles G4M3, a plataformer mission game!



Made by Seb8tian totally with Flash Pro CS6.

You can download it the .fla and .swf from the version post, and play it on web from our page ;)!

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