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Changing name to Seb8tian’s

Yeh, Turtles G4M3 was an awesome experiencie, but really i dont care…

Now the page would host my projects (animations, games, designs, etc), here’ll a direct help for my Youtube channel. The domain will be the same.

Anyways, I plan to close my YT if we dont get enough audience… Its sad, I know

I’ll invert my time for musical kid mocaped videos 😛

Fine, so bye :D!

New minecraft animation!

I invite you to watch it ;), I improved a lot on this short xD

Probably in this month I would update the game to the ultimate release :P, the game is finally made and probably Ill put here other projects, or let it alone…

I loved a lot to work on this game :D!!!

Thanks ^^!

+20 subs & +1000 views in only one day :D

Hi guys!

I make a comission for iTowngameplay, a spanish popular youtuber (im a fan xD). So I animated to him an animation:

It was a succesful hit 😀

There are easter eggs that I added in the background animation 😉



So the animation occurs before “Jungle Temple” animation, they were preparing for go to the jungle in the Intro xD…

I hope you like the content Im uploading, so BYE!

Ping pong!

Hi everyone!

I just was experimenting around and now I made a simple flash game (i just designed a default game), I would probably add it to the game. Here is the experiment 🙂 :

Thanks for your help! Probably this week I’ll release the 0.4.0, we’re very near to the final version 😀

Bye 🙂 !

Alpha v 0.2.0

Hello again 😄!

Today we’re bringing the 2nd biggest update ever in the game 😛, the Alpha v 0.2.0!






Features added:

  • New parkour game ⛷.
  • Finishing the 1st mission 🏅.
  • Entry for the 2nd mission 💐.

Bugs fixed:

  • #3 Grammatical correction.
  • #4 Falling in the final room.
  • #0 Testing stuff…

Download the .fla here 😉 !

If you want leave a suggestion or send me a solution bug, send a comment via the post.

Test and play, have fun ;)!