Alpha v 0.3.0

Hi guys!

Today we’re releasing the most biggest ever update to Turtles G4M3, rewriting a lot of code and fixing bugs… Alpha version 0.3.0 :D!

Features added:

  • New Menu Title
  • New design of parkour level
  • Math test for 2nd mission
  • Florerist room
  • More details to signs and indications
  • Credits list

Bugs fixed:

  • 5# Turtle outside the bus
  • 6# Restired words in chat boxes
  • 7# Rebobinage the game in the final
  • 0# Testing stuff…

Download the .fla here 😉 …

If you want leave a suggestion or send me a solution bug, send a comment via the post.

Test and play, have fun ;)!

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