PreRelease v0.7.0

Hi guys :P!

Now we’re in the final releases, with all your feedback in 0.6.0, I’ve fixed the mayor bugs in the game :D.

Presenting today the PreRelease v0.7.0 🙂

Added features:

  • Minigames: Hardcore Mode 🏄
  • New easter eggs 🎊

Bugs fixed:

  • #19 Jumping outside the bus 🚌
  • #20 When goes to next, the turtle skip frames 🐢
  • #21 Reconstruction of bad designed MovieClips 🔧
  • #0 Testin’ stuff…

Now we’ve a new member of the game production: KevinRafaeloh. He’s going to compose the music of the game. Probably in 0.8.0 the game would add the background music.

Download the .fla here 😉 …

Whenever, play and be happy :D!

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