Release 1.0.0

The big moment is here!

Today, with 5 months of a lot of work, with the help of KevinRafaleo! for produce the soundtrack. We’re announcing the 1.0.0 Release :D!!!

Added features:

  • Original Soundtrack made by KevinRafaelo! , and Intro by Kevin Macleod.
  • New menu title
  • New credits for music
  • Aliens and stickman (easter eggs)!

Bugs fixed:

  • #19 Exit to Story Mode when you finish a hardcore minigame
  • #20 Back to title button doesnt work in Story mode
  • #21 Gramatical horrors!
  • #0 Testing stuff…

Thanks for all your support, this months of production were so helpful to me to basic programming :)! Probably I would release 1.0.1 for bugs and donation button…

Dowload the .fla here ;)…

Have a nice day 😀 !

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