I’m shutting down the production

Hey everyone!

Probably you’re glad of the inactivity of the page. As I finished version 1.0.0, Ill not working more to improve the game.

I don’t know if in the future I can make Turtles G4M3 2, because Im focusing 100% on 3D Animation, something that I love since 3 years ago. I invite you to subscribe to my YT channel, i’m uploading cool animations each 2 weeks 😉 …

This game was very funny to me for design it, really I’m not a coder at all. Following tutorials, copy-paste and stuff, I learned to make a wonderful game of bipedal turtles, that I designed this turtles since I was kid.

Some guys are recording gameplays of the game, so comment below giving the url of your video. Then you’ll appear on the next post ;).

Is the last Bye! on this web page 😀

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