Turtle Rig

This week I was improving in rigging and I made a simple Turtle Low-Poly Rig for Maya 😀

This rig I made it for you :D, it works for Maya 2016 and newer. There is a .ma version for older Maya software.
You can use it for non and commercial purposes, but you need to credit me ;)…
Just copy and paste in animation credits or description:
~ Turtle rig by Seb8tian https://www.youtube.com/user/Seb8tian ~
NOTE: If you dont credit me in any part of your animation, you’ll get a copyright claim for monetize your video and I’d get money from you >:D!

✓ IK Stretch Arms and Legs
✓ Upper controller in extremities
✓ Hip and body controller
✓ Shoulder controller
✓ Head controller w/ Squash and Stretch
✓ Facial expressions
✓ Fully-scalable rig

Report bugs in comment box ;)…
You can edit & modify, animate it and bye :D!


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